Your average employee is likely stressed about their finances, but unsure what to do about it.

In an economy where so many employees are stressed about money, giving employees access to Sosha View practical financial solutions gives you a competitive edge as an employer, and benefits your bottom line by boosting productivity, working relations and morale.

Change your employees’ financial future with the best engagement from Sosha View Team. Become a Consumer Champion today.

The Sosha View Financial Wellbeing journey

  1. Assessment: To ensure impactful interventions, we first assess your employees’ current financial health through baseline studies and our innovative digital tool.
  2. Financial Protection:By highlighting unlawful loans, known dodgy lenders and overcharging, our legal team protects your employees from abusive lenders and collectors.
  3. Debt Relief:Through voluntary debt rescheduling and statutory debt counselling, we help over-indebted employees pay off their debt at an affordable rate.
  4. Financial Capability:Once debt is affordable and fair, we help your employees build a financially empowered future through targeted goal-setting and innovative savings solutions

A comprehensive financial program is designed with the following elements in place:

  • Face-to-face financial clinics
  • Telephonic financial support
  • Financial training programs
  • Financial health assessments
  • Interactive financial awareness days