What is debt review or debt counselling?

 This is the formal and legal process to assist the financially burden consumer’s with financial relief. This is only done by the registered debt counsellor with the National Credit Regulator “NCR”.

  1. Request a Free Consultation
  2. Complete your Application Form
  3. Notify your Creditors
  4. Negotiate a New Payment Plan
  5. Pay Single Affordable Monthly Installments
  6. Make the Approved Plan an Order of the Court
  7. Your Debt is Paid Off
  8. We issue a Clearance Certificate
  9. We update all credit Bureaus for you

Benefits of Debt Counselling With the Sosha View Team

  • Reduced monthly installments
  • Reduced interest rate charged on your accounts
  • Protection against harassment by debt collectors
  • Protection against legal action
  • Protection against your assets repossession
  • Give you peace of mind

  • Credit get monthly debt repayments

  • You get monthly payment statement

  • Saves you money on reduced interest rate

  • Exit debt review if you left with house and other accounts are fully paid